Dice Questions

How are dice priced?

7 piece sets start at $130 and single d20 starts at $35 for basic designs and have additional cost based on complexity. Dice with multiple pours, complex or 3D printed inclusions, hand painting and labour intensive pours will incur higher prices. 

Why are your dice so expensive?

My dice are handmade and are functional for gameplay while being individual handcrafted pieces of art. Each dice is hand poured, sanded, polished and inked by a single person (me). Each dice set represents 4-5 hours of work. There are no factory processes, just me, a small studio and my resident quality control officer, Abbey the cat. 

Can I request a dice commission?

At the moment, I am not taking any commissions for custom dice due to full time study load and employment but please look out for commission slots. These will be announced through Instagram when they open.  

Are your dice balanced?

My dice are balanced enough and perfectly acceptable to use in TTRPG's and other table top games. My dice are as balanced as any commercial factory manufactured dice. All my dice are cured under pressure using a pressure pot to avoid any internal bubbles. 

What are your dice made of?

All dice are made from high quality epoxy resin and can include, but not limited to: resin dye, mylar, holographic ribbon, mica, foils, alcohol inks, glitter and florals.

What size are your dice?

Standard size (including sets) d20 is approx. 20mm from face to face and standard d6 is approx. 16mm face to face. Any dice outside of these sizes will be labelled with size.

How do I care for my dice?

To keep your dice in tip top condition, I suggest:

Wipe clean with a soft cloth

Store in a dice bag or dice vault

Avoid UV exposure, harsh chemicals and submerging in any liquids

Roll on a soft or padded surface



We are two creatives based in Brisbane, Australia with passion for tabletop gaming and bringing our ideas to life for everyone to see and enjoy.

Kane - I'm the owner and creator of Crit Craft. I'm a self taught wood worker and taught myself wood working purely out of my love for tabletop gaming. My first ever wood working project is the gaming table I made when I decided to take up DMing which we still play on to this day.

My interest in tabletop gaming grew whilst I was studying gaming and animation and even though I've dabbled in TTRPG before my first real taste was in 2017 with D&D 5e, were I've been hooked ever since.

Crit Craft was created through the support I received from the tabletop community for my innovative and unique designs that I was originally making for myself and my friends. I plan to use that as a core belief of Crit Craft and do my best to continue to make new innovative projects for the tabletop community.

Hey, I'm Renee and creator of 3 Legged Cat Dice along with chief QA officer Abbey the Cat.

I was introduced to the wonderful world of TTRPG's in 2018 through my first campaign of D&D 5e. I was instantly hooked and started collecting everything D&D, took up 3d printing to create and paint my own minitures for myself and party members then to creating resin dice for myself and friends.

From that point, I spent time honing my craft (including designing and printing my own 3D masters and mould making), learning everything I could and building my network in the dicemaking community.

I started selling dice in April of 2020 and have grown to include geeky coasters, dice jewellery, stickers, keyrings and other TTRPG related accessories.

I love being a part of the wonderful TTRPG community and would love to share my world with you!