We are two creatives based in Brisbane, Australia with passion for tabletop gaming and bringing our ideas to life for everyone to see and enjoy.

Kane - I'm the owner and creator of Crit Craft. I'm a self taught wood worker and taught myself wood working purely out of my love for tabletop gaming. My first ever wood working project is the gaming table I made when I decided to take up DMing which we still play on to this day.

My interest in tabletop gaming grew whilst I was studying gaming and animation and even though I've dabbled in TTRPG before my first real taste was in 2017 with D&D 5e, were I've been hooked ever since.

Crit Craft was created through the support I received from the tabletop community for my innovative and unique designs that I was originally making for myself and my friends. I plan to use that as a core belief of Crit Craft and do my best to continue to make new innovative projects for the tabletop community.

Hey, I'm Renee and creator of 3 Legged Cat Dice along with chief QA officer Abbey the Cat.

I was introduced to the wonderful world of TTRPG's in 2018 through my first campaign of D&D 5e. I was instantly hooked and started collecting everything D&D, took up 3d printing to create and paint my own minitures for myself and party members then to creating resin dice for myself and friends.

From that point, I spent time honing my craft (including designing and printing my own 3D masters and mould making), learning everything I could and building my network in the dicemaking community.

I started selling dice in April of 2020 and have grown to include geeky coasters, dice jewellery, stickers, keyrings and other TTRPG related accessories.

I love being a part of the wonderful TTRPG community and would love to share my world with you!