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Dice Tray of Holding Tasmanian Oak Level Up Series

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Dice Tray of Holding

This dice rolling tray is called the Dice Tray of Holding and is part of Crit Craft's Level Up series. The Dice Tray of Holding is lined with tanned real hide veg leather to cushion your dice while maintaining a satisfying sound with each roll. It has a built in divider that creates an area to store your dice when they aren’t being rolled to free up precious rolling space. This dice tray is also fitted with black rubber feet to prevent scuffing of your playing surface. The reason the Dice Tray of Holding has got its name is because traveling between your games it holds both Level 1 and Level 3 Vaults. 

Dice Tray of Holding Size

Measures approximately 27 X 19 X 4.7 cm.


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Dice Tray of Holding Notes

Listing does not include pictured dice, miniatures, cards, Level 1 Vaults or Level 3 Vaults.

These products are handcrafted and while I strive for flawless products the nature of natural timber is that it can contain some natural quirks and difference in grain to images shown.