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Level 3 Dice Vault Full Caster Solid Queensland Maple Level Up Series

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Level 3 Dice Vault Full Caster

This dice vault is called the Full Caster Level 3 Vault and is part of Crit Craft's Level Up series.

Level 3 Dice Vault Full Caster Features

This variant of the Level 3 vault at face value is designed to hold a pencil or pacer in the long slim slot with 2 bigger spaces big enough to hold standard size cards, but on a deeper dive the long slim slot can hold 16mm dice so can be used as a spell tracker if you don't want to carry stationery around and the big slots can hold 2-3 minis or 2 sets of dice in each section.

Stunning Queensland Maple finished with Danish oil and features 2x card size compartments and 1x long skinny channel lined with black soft polyurethane foam held securely with strong rare earth magnets. Foam holds dice, pencil, cards and miniature in place to avoid them moving when the vault is closed. The outer vault edges are chamfered for a smooth finish. The side has finger slots to more easily open the vault. This product is also designed to fit perfectly with our specially designed dice trays that are made to hold both our Level 1 and Level 3 dice vaults and are sold separately.

Level 3 Dice Vault Full Caster Size

Outer Dimensions 108 x 250 x 40 mm

Level 3 Dice Vault Full Caster Notes

Listing does not include pictured dice, miniature, stationery, Level 1 vault or Dice tray.

These products are handcraft and while I strive for flawless products the nature of natural timber is that it can contain some natural quirks and difference in grain to images shown.