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Master Dice Vault Queensland Maple

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Master Dice Vault

This huge sized dice box or as I like to call it 'Master Vault' should allow you to carry everything you'll ever need for game day. The middle section holds 7 sets of dice, pencil/pacer and eraser, while the bottom will hold everything else including miniatures, cards, more stationery or more dice and lastly the lid not only doubles as a dice tray but will also house a A5 note book.

Master Dice Vault Features

This stunning Queensland Maple Master vault has 3 separate parts held together securely with powerful rare earth magnets. The top layer has 3 uses, first of course is as a standard lid that seals the middle layer shut with powerful rare-earth magnets that make sure your dice are stored securely. The second is as a personal dice tray for use at your games, and is also lined with tanned veg leather to give your dice some extra protection from hard surfaces. The last use is a storage place for your A5 note book in between sessions, so when the session is over you can keep all your gear in one place.

The middle layer of this Master Vault features 1 long skinny channel designed to hold pencil/pacer and eraser or if you need more space for your extra 16mm d6's they also can fit in here. The seven other channels are made to hold 7 standard size dice each and all channels are lined with soft polyurethane foam. The acrylic screen also has multiple functions, one is keeping your dice, minis and stationery in their place between sessions by fitting in the special groove between the lid and middle layer. You can also take notes on it or write messages on it with a white board marker during your games. The custom made screen holder pieces allow the screen to be placed in the edge of the dice tray/lid for easy viewing.

The bottom layer of the vault has one offset solid divider that divides the bottom layer into a big area and a small area, these areas have 8 notches each that allows for you to move around extra dividers allowing you to customise the base to your needs and also comes with 2 pieces of soft polyurethane foam for each section to protect your gear top and bottom. The outer edges of the vault are chamfered for a smooth finish. The side has finger slots to more easily open the vault. 

Master Dice Vault Size

Measures approximately 270 X 185 X 114 mm.

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Master Dice Vault Notes

Listing does not include pictured dice, miniatures, book or stationery.

These products are handcrafted and while I strive for flawless products the nature of natural timber is that it can contain some natural quirks and difference in grain to images shown.